Who can be an Associate Member

Public organisations, businesses and individuals may become Associate Members of Community Action Fareham. 

Key Facts 

  1. Associate Members are obliged to formally support or encourage volunteering or community involvement and check that their business ethics are consistent with community values.

  2. Corporate Associate Members receive a framed certificate.

  3. The Associate Member fee is £50 per year for large businesses and public organisations that do not already fund the charity. The small business fee is £25 per year.  Individuals are invited to give a donation.

  4. Associate Members can attend the Annual General Meeting (AGM), community events and network lunches. They do not have voting rights at the AGM.

  5. Associate Members receive E-news free of charge. 

Community Action Fareham will consider applications for Associate Membership from organisations that: 

  • give staff time off to undertake community activities

  • encourage volunteering

  • encourage staff to contribute technical skills to community organisations and gain valuable leadership, management and community skills in return

  • give access to resources at no real cost to the business but of tremendous value to a voluntary organisation   

It will also consider applications from social enterprises to determine if they should be admitted as full or Associate Members. 

To be considered for Associate Membership, please complete and return this application form


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