Why have policies?

Having policies is the way most committees work so that they can communicate their rules to their members and staff, implement and review them.    

How can Community Action Fareham help?

We have a complete suite of policies that are kept up-to-date for use as models for your own, plus a general fact sheet “Why have policies”. 
Please ask for copies of the document you would like. Additionally, in this list you will find key procedures and handbooks.

Health & Safety Policy
Equality & Diversity Policy
Volunteer Policy
Safeguarding Children Policy
Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Policy
Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Policy
Data Protection Policy
Confidentiality Policy
Communications Policy
Use of Computers, Internet and Telephone Policy
Dignity at Work Policy
Personal Safety Policy
Trustee Recruitment Policy
Training Policy
Environment and Sustainability Policy
Social Media Policy
Complaints Policy
Financial Reserves Policy
Financial Investment Policy
Volunteer Handbook
Employee Handbook
Financial Control Procedures


It is important that your committee works through the policy and makes it applicable to your own situation; do not be tempted to just change the name of the group! 

Make your policies good and effective, not POTS (Policies on Top Shelves).    

Harbourside Training offers courses on writing policies in general and on specific policies.


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